Personal chef

Welcome to Forever Grateful, LLC!

“Through faith and focused efforts, I hope to introduce you to the foods of my childhood.” Lisa Grice

Let's Cook!



Meet for an assessment to determine what and how you like to eat, including any dietary or medical parameters. During our FREE in-home consultation, we will fill out a comprehensive food questionnaire. Also included is an evaluation of your kitchen design and food storage availability. At that time, we will determine preferred cook days/ times and logistics such as entrance and security alarm codes. Upon completion of the assessment meeting and agreements for services are finalized, the first payment is due.


I will customize your menu, which includes a variety of comfort foods and gourmet cuisine and personal dietary preferences, such as low-carb, low-fat, and vegetarian items, based on your preference. Your personal and family favorites can also be included. I will email you the menu I have come up with for you specifically.


On the agreed upon cook day, I will shop for all the ingredients needed to prepare your menu, selecting the finest, freshest produce, fish, meats and poultry and will prepare all the meals, using professional tools and equipment in your home. Meals will be packaged according to your preferences in single, double or family sized containers and labeled.

The only evidence left behind will be a sparkling kitchen with amazing aromas of home cooked meals!


  • Sign Forever Grateful, LLC Personal Chef Policies and Procedures before service activation.
  • Kitchen area must be cleaned before my cooking, including the oven, stove top, storing area in the refrigerator, and or freezer, floors cleaned and ready for me to prepare your delicious meals.
  • Keep children and pets out of work area / kitchen to ensure safety.
  • Confine pets in a restrained area on cooking day.
  • Provide entry to home or leave key/instructions for entry if not home on cooking day. (See Lockout Fee.) We are licensed and insured.


  • Sign Forever Grateful, LLC Personal Chef Services Policies and Procedures prior to service activation.
  • Collaborate with you to determine your individual food likes and needs.
  • Customize every menu to your unique taste.
  • Prepare fresh, wholesome and delicious meals to your specifications.
  • Utilize Safe Food Handling methods during meal preparation.
  • Leave homemade prepared meals for you and your loved ones to enjoy.