About Us

Welcome to Forever Grateful, LLC! I’m Lisa Grice and I’m extremely excited about this new culinary adventure. Through faith and focused efforts, I hope to introduce you to the foods of my childhood.

I grew up in a working-class home on the west bank of New Orleans where through good and bad times, we always managed to celebrate family and enjoy great food together, it has always been an essential component of my family’s festivities. I believe that enjoying good food as a family helped to create warm and lasting memories that have made me Forever Grateful.

As a Personal Chef, I bring to life an authentic New Orleans experience with delicious food and lagniappe (lan-yap – a little something extra).

My mission and passion are to deliver to you and your family that very same warm feeling that I loved growing up & still get excited about even to this day. It would truly be my pleasure to prepare any variety of these flavorful culinary delicacies that are sure to provide you & your loved ones that “lagniappe” that no meal is complete without. Forever Grateful is the perfect solution for saving time while providing you a truly unique family dining experience.